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Kayleigh During

Kayleigh During is a historian, and a popular YouTuber.

She has 172K subscribers on her YouTube channel, ‘History with Kayleigh.’


Kayleigh A.N. During was born on 14 November 1991 in Noord-Scharwoude, North Holland, Netherlands.

She hails from the line of Thuringii, a Germanic tribe.

Her mother’s name is Christa Brouwer.

Kayleigh has two elder sisters, Melanie Aranka Dominique During, and Jaimy Wormsbecher During, and has a younger brother, Morrison Brouwer.

Melanie is a paleontologist, she studied paleontology at Universiteit Utrecht.

Kayleigh got bullied at a young age.

Born  Kayleigh A.N. During; 14 November 1991, Noord-Scharwoude, North Holland, Netherlands
Ancestry Dutch
Education  Architecture
Occupation  YouTuber
YouTube channel‘History with Kayleigh’
Years active on YouTube2020-present (covering history)
Genre  History
Subscribers  172K
Height1.76 meters
Kayleigh During information

Love for history-

Since a young age, Kayleigh has been inquisitive and passionate about history.

As a young child, she used to skim through the encyclopedias in her mother’s house, encyclopedias fueled her thirst for more knowledge.

Also, Kayleigh used to thoroughly read her history textbooks, and always got straight As in history in high school.

Growing up in a historic town in the Netherlands cemented her love for history; she has also been fascinated by the history of her country.

In addition to history, Kayleigh was also very good at English, she always scored A+ in English tests.

She was asked to not attend the English class, and only take the tests as Kayleigh used to continuously interrupt her teacher, correcting her pronunciation.

Combining her passions & becoming a YouTuber-

In July 2012, Kayleigh underwent a coccygectomy (tailbone removal surgery) and became bedridden, confined her to the home and was unable to work.

Due to always being at home, she grew depressed, so she started researching about her passion, history to just pass the time.

Eventually, Kayleigh created a video and was hooked by video production, and thanks to this, she continued making videos.

At that time, she was studying architecture, and it was her passion, so she combined her passions of architecture and history, and created videos on the ancient structures; ‘Ancient Structures’ playlist has been her personal passion project.

At the time, Kayleigh was with her ex, and was leading a hectic life, she found relief and refreshment in producing videos.

Even though she started her YouTube channel way back on 16 June 2007, she started consistently publishing videos onto it only from March 2020.

For a long time, Kayleigh desired to work on her YouTube channel and publish history videos, but lack of self-confidence held her back, but in 2020, she overcame her insecurities and started publishing videos on her channel, ‘History with Kayleigh.’

After being depressed for a few years, as her body started recovering physically, she too recovered from depression.

Her first video & starting small-

Once, Kayleigh watched ‘Outlander’ TV show and saw a woman travelling through the stones back in the time; this stone circle influenced her and rekindled her passion for history.

Thanks to this TV show, she wondered about the existence of a real stone circle, and found a stone circle, Calanais Standing Stones, in Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

Kayleigh started researching Calanais Standing Stones and found an extensive excavation survey of around 400-pages long, and after reading it, she decided to create her first history video.

So, her first YouTube history video was on Calanais Standing Stones.

Later, as Kayleigh published a few other videos, she felt her first video to be of subpar quality with loud background music, so, she unlisted it for around six months, and then deleted it.

She started filming her videos with just her phone, without a setup and lights; later, she upgraded, and started using cameras and a gimbal.

Becoming successful & her inspirations-

On 29 August 2021, Kayleigh premiered, ‘Air-Conditioning Invented In 3100 BCE?’.

This has been her most popular video with more than a million views, and it helped her gain 27,000 subscribers in a month, and greatly helped in the growth of her YouTube channel.

As of January 2024, Kayleigh has 172K subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She earns from a variety of sources: advertisements, ‘Super Thanks,’ Membership, and sponsorships on her YouTube channel; she also sells merchandise and accepts donations on Patreon.

Kayleigh is a full-time YouTuber.

Her YouTube inspirations are Curtis Woodside, Matt Sibson (Ancient Architects), and Jimmy Corsetti (Bright Insight).

Kayleigh lives in North Holland, Netherlands, and is tall at 1.76 meters.

Some interesting facts about Kayleigh-

  • Egypt is her favourite civilization to study, she loves the length of Egypt’s history, and also Egypt’s monuments, and Egyptians’ beliefs and religion.
  • Mace-heads from North Wales made out of stone are Kayleigh’s favourite artifacts.
  • Egypt is her favourite country; she travelled to Egypt, and also to Belgium and across the border of Germany.
  • For multiple years in high school, Kayleigh tried to learn German but was unsuccessful and gave up.
  • She grew up with a father loving sci-fi, and at 7, she watched her first sci-fi movie, ‘Stargate,’ and this has been her favourite sci-fi movie.
  • Kayleigh loves the movies of Robin Williams and grew up watching his movies; she also likes Jahannah James.
  • Her favourite queen is Hatshepsut; and she loves the memes of Kara Cooney.
  • Kayleigh is a polyglot, as she knows English and Dutch.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Kayleigh During?

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Sunday 26th of November 2023

I have only just discovered Kayleigh's videos on YouTube, and I am hooked! I am so glad that she persevered and beat back what must have been pretty awful challenges, to emerge into the sunshine of a new dawn and to now be able give all of us such high quality, immersive experiences. Kayleigh, you are simply amazing and your fans clearly adore you.


Friday 30th of June 2023

I can't get enough Kayleigh. She is delightful!

Naveen Reddy

Friday 30th of June 2023

Yes, indeed!

Pablo Kagioglu

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Thanks for publishing this, I was curious about her. I follow her on YouTube, interesting content.

Naveen Reddy

Tuesday 27th of June 2023

You're welcome, Pablo!