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Inspiring Biography of Jayasimha Ravirala

Jayasimha Ravirala was born in a very small village, in Nalgonda district, Telangana state, Andhra Pradesh.

His family was very poor and his family even struggled for square meals.

Jayasimha later achieved great heights in life and got well educated with almost all degrees like MA in English, MSc in mathematics, Ms in Applied Psychology, MS in counselling and psychotherapy, MBA, Mechanical engineering and Master of Statics.

He had achieved 13 Guinness world records, the highest number of Guinness world records in India achieved by a single person.

Life story-

In his childhood, he was a very naughty and carefree kid.

He was daily watching at least 4 movies, without doing any meaningful work.

Till the age of 12, he did not attend the school. Jayasimha was spoiling all the kids in his village by ganging up with them and doing mischievous things collectively.

Joining School-

A boy whose father by name Muralidhar, was a rich person in the village berated Jayasimha that he was spoiling his son.

So, in order to control them, he ordered both of them to join school.

Running away from home-

He was so mischievous, that one day because of his acts his mother got fed up and threw a pair of scissors on him that hit his ear and made a deep scar.

The little Jayasimha was so feared that he ran away from his home to a nearby city.

In the city, he felt very hungry, so he went to a motel and ate a piece of bread along with tea.

But he did not have a single penny, so he was forced to work for that motel.

Life takes a U-Turn-

Fortunately, one day a village man from his village came to the motel and was shocked to see Jayasimha there.

Then, he took Jayasimha to his native village. And Jayasimha again started going to school.

He was joined in seventh standard because of his age, but he did not know even alphabets.

He did not understand the classes.

Once again he started doing prankish things like spilling ink on his classmates, tearing others books, etc.

But he used to attend school very regularly, because his school served the children mid-day meals.

As his family was very poor, he couldn’t afford even food, so he had to attend school for meals.

The turning point of his life-

Jayasimha used to work part-time in a small grocery store.

One day, he noticed that a lady was carrying two baby girls and was struggling to carry goods and negotiate prices in the vegetable market.

As she was new to the village, some vegetable merchants were trying to cheat her by hyping the prices of their vegetables.

So, he helped her by negotiating on her behalf and carrying her two kids to her home.

Later he found that she was the wife of a Chemistry teacher by the name Sudarshan.

She was so delighted with his helping nature that she requested him to stay in her home and promised that she would take care of him as her own child.

On that evening, Sudarshan teacher came home and was angry to see Jayasimha in his home as he was a very mischievous and naughty boy in school.

But the lady pleaded with her husband to allow the boy to stay in the home. This was the turning point in his life.

The real learning begins-

The teacher used to take tuitions for the village children for almost all classes ranging from first class to tenth class.

Jayasimha got a good opportunity to listen to tuitions.

He started to listen to tuitions, while he was doing the tasks at his teacher’s house, like chopping vegetables, polishing his teacher’s shoes, etc.

He also used to control the students who came for tuitions; this helped him to develop leadership skills.

The student without any basics in education, who directly joined seventh class, topped his class by listening to the tuitions of his teacher.

His first achievement-

He was given prize money by his school’s principal for topping the class.

The boy who was struggling from poverty and lack of money, on receiving the prize felt that this money was god sent.

He did not know that if one studies well, one will be awarded with scholarships, so he asked his principal about it, to which the principal replied that not only in school but also in college, university, and etc. he will be rewarded and recognised if he studies well.

These words changed the life of Jayasimha. He used to study hard and was the topper of his district during tenth standard.

Joining Air force-

After tenth standard, he was forced to work because of his family’s conditions.

So, he joined Indian Air Force with the help of his uncle as an airman, a low rank job.

He was posted in Chennai, India.

He did not know anything about the air force; he was not even able to speak English or Hindi with his colleagues.

During training, he was kicked by the trainers, as he was not able to lift even a rifle.

So, he understood that to survive in his job he must be physically fit, learn English and study well.

Jayasimha knew that he could not compete with his colleagues in fitness, so he focussed on studying hard.

Blinded by Success-

After a period of six months, the first semester results were announced.

Jayasimha surprisingly topped the whole institution, as he was the youngest person to do so everyone around him were stunned.

Then he went on to the stage to receive the trophy, everyone was clapping for his achievement.

This success gave him overconfidence and he did not study for the next three months.

Jayasimha used to roam with his friends around the city. One month before the examinations, he ate dinner and was preparing to sleep.

Then, his friends were discussing who will be the topper of the upcoming examinations.

His best friend told that Jayasimha would top all the exams.

By listening to his words, Jayasimha who was half-awake quickly woke up and washed his face.

He then decided that he will not let down his friends expectations and began to study really hard.

Jayasimha topped the examinations with great difficulty.

This made him realise the value of hard work, and he topped almost every exam in his college and university.

He was promoted to flight engineer, and he later went to become an air force officer, he rose to the ranks quickly thanks to his educational qualifications.

He also won the sword of honour at the hands of then President R Venkat Raman.

Deciding to leave his job-

In air force, he took part in many operations like Blue star operation, he was also awarded Presidents medal for his active part in Sri Lanka operation and he also participated in Kargil war.

He was also able to crack many prestigious examinations in India like IAS, IPS, etc.

Jayasimha was offered many lucrative jobs but he was determined to contribute his services to the air force only, as the air force has taught him the value of hard work and discipline.

Jayasimha was later promoted to the role of a Squadron leader (equivalent to major).

And was receiving a handsome paycheck.

But he decided to leave his well-paying job and decided to contribute something big to the society.

He was very surprised by his achievements, as he did not attend school till his twelfth birthday even then he was able to achieve so much in life and get very qualified.

So, he decided his next goal.

The Awakening moment-

Jayasimha attended many awakening sessions like Art of Living, Isha teachings, etc. also he read many books related to many religions.

Then, he decided to become a motivational speaker in the area of memory training.

He decided that he will train students to improve their memory skills which will help them to perform well in their studies.

Shaping Young Minds-

Jayasimha decided that he will help students, as students are of young age, they can be mentally conditioned in a positive way compared to adults who have many preconceived notions.

He now runs a finishing school by the name Jayasimha Mind Education.

Jayasimha is the president for the National Memory Council of India.

He created an astounding record by achieving the maximum number of Guinness records in India.

He motivates everyone that even if you fail in your life in the initial stages, you can achieve your dreams by constant hard and smart work along with persistence and determination.

Featured image credit- Wikimedia Commons

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