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Gabe Bult

Gabe Bult is a popular YouTuber.

He has 447K subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel, which focuses on minimalism, finance, and lifestyle.


Gabreil (Gabe Bult) was born in 1997; he hails from Pembroke, New Hampshire, United States.

His elder brother, Nate Bult, is the founder of NH Shirt Co.

Gabe’s father, Gordon Bult, is the president of New Hampshire Cleaning Services.

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’-

In 2015, Gabe’s mother recommended him the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book.

This book impressed him and got him interested in real estate investing.

Gabe also started reading other books which attracted him towards real estate investing, general investing, financial independence, and house hacking.

At 18, he got his real estate license; at the time, he didn’t like school, and the idea of attending college as he wasn’t interested in any degree and felt spending money on them was pointless.

FIRE movement-

In 2016, Gabe learnt about the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement which allowed people in their thirties and forties to retire by frugal living, and investing.

He was attracted towards the FIRE movement and decided to lower his expenses, build up enough passive income to cover those low expenses and semi-retire and follow his passions and not worry about working for money.

Gabe embraced the FIRE movement over the traditional retirement methodology in which a person saves up around million dollars and lives off 4% of it.

He felt that he could never earn a million dollars or to save a million dollars, it would take him over 2 decades and saving 90% of his income; so, he dismissed the traditional retirement methodology.

In his early twenties, Gabe started being extremely frugal and mostly stopped spending on clothes and eat-outs (he eats home-cooked meals) and started focusing on saving as much money as possible.

He started working as an ops manager for a cleaning company; even though he didn’t like this job from the outset, he consciously chose it as he felt that this would motivate him to build passive income sources and ultimately leave this job.

Gabe worked at this job for several years to pay the bills and saved up money.

Instead of buying a new car, he buys old, used cars, and sells them every couple of years for the same price which he originally brought them for; this ensures that the cars didn’t cost him anything, and he cycles through the cars.

Triplex at 21-

While working at the job, Gabe’s goal was to lower his expenses to around $2,000 a month and then figure out a way to build up enough passive income to cover his expenses.

As at that time, the housing payment was around 30% of his income, he planned to chop it down.

With the savings from his job and doing other projects, Gabe was able to buy his first house hack, at 21, he bought his first triplex, a multi-family house with a 3.5% FHA loan.

After renovating one of the units, he moved into the house and rented other living units to the tenants.

The payments made by tenants covered all his mortgages, taxes, and insurance and this allowed him to live there for free, as he saved on the housing payment.

Quitting his job at 24; following his passion-

After buying his first triplex, Gabe decided to continue being frugal and go the route of buying rentals.

So, he repeated the whole process of buying a triplex and in January 2020, he bought another multi-family triplex, which was bigger than his first triplex.

At the time, in addition to working at a full-time job, Gabe was also working at a couple part-time jobs and on his YouTube channel.

Even though his jobs kept him very busy all day, he used to read books in his car, listen to Audible, and watch YouTube videos to keep himself inspired; he set himself a goal that by the time he would have kids, he wouldn’t be this busy.

Gabe renovated his second triplex, furnished it, and set up Airbnb in it.

He started living in his second triplex for free and earning money from Airbnb, rentals, and his other property.

His two properties covered all his monthly expenses and so, he quit his job at 24.

At the time, Gabe had enough money (under $10,000) to cover six months’ worth of living expenses; even if not for the money, his rentals would have covered all his living expenses.

At that time, his eponymous YouTube channel was earning him around $300 a month.

At the time, even though Gabe’s YouTube channel wasn’t earning him handsomely, as he has been passionate about videography and YouTube, he decided to work full-time on his YouTube channel.

He has been working on his eponymous YouTube channel since September 2018.

As Gabe started spending more time on following his passion of producing videos, after quitting his job, his income from his YouTube channel grew by 10x in 2020.

Prior to becoming a YouTuber, he got into real estate, accounting, multi-level marketing, landscaping, concrete construction; he wasn’t passionate at these and failed at all of them.

Gabe is a real estate agent/broker at Keller Williams Metropolitan and currently, only does deals for his family.

Becoming successful-

As of January 2024, he has 447K subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

Gabe earns from a variety of sources like advertisements, and ‘Super Thanks’ on YouTube, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

On 14 February 2023, he started his second YouTube channel, ‘Unfiltered.’

Gabe films his videos with a Sony α7S III camera.

He has a podcast, ‘Finances Unfiltered.’


When he got into the FIRE movement, he also got into minimalism, as both are essentially similar, both require cutting out non-essential things.

Gabe was attracted towards minimalism as it revolves around cutting out on non-essential things so that he could have time and money to spend on the things which he loves.

His wife was also attracted towards the FIRE movement and minimalism and thanks to this, much like him, she too quit her job.

Also, Gabe didn’t believe in the idea of earning a lot of money and having nice houses to show off his success to others, this mindset helped him to retire early and follow his passions.

Much like him, his brother and his wife quit their jobs and started focusing on their business.


After Gabe’s mother recommended him ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book, he read ‘Essentialism,’ and ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ books and was inspired by them and continued reading and learning and became a bibliophile.

He has read hundreds of books and listened to many audiobooks and podcasts.

Personal life-

In 2018, Gabe married Mery O’Brien Bult (Meredith).

This couple has a daughter, Laura.

Previously, they lost their son, Michael.

Gabe lives in Bedford, New Hampshire, United States.

He likes travelling; instead of spending on Christmas gifts for his family, he prefers to spend on experiences with them.

Gabe is an introvert and doesn’t like junk food.

As he saves thousands of dollars by being frugal in all aspects, he does afford to spend a few hundred dollars and not be frugal with entertainment.

So, how are you inspired by the success story of Gabe Bult?

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