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Eva zu Beck

Eva zu Beck is a popular travel YouTuber and adventurer.

She has more than 1.6 million subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.

Eva is also a TV Presenter.


Eva zu Beck was born on 26 April 1991 in Poland.

She has two younger brothers namely, Thomas alias Tomek and Michal.

Eva was raised by her single mother and grandparents.


In 2007, Eva joined The Henley College in England to study for an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

She graduated in 2009 and scored 43 out of 45-point scores.

Here, Eva won the International Baccalaureate Education Award and Student of the Year – International Baccalaureate (2009) award.

Then, in 2009, she joined University of Oxford in England to study for a BA (Hons), French and German and she graduated in 2013.


From July 2010 to August 2010, Eva worked as a Consular & Cultural Affairs Intern at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Singapore.

Then, she worked as a Marketing & Communications Assistant for fashiontv in Singapore.

Then, Eva moved to Belgium to work as an EU Affairs Trainee at the European Parliament.

After this, she worked as a Technical Translator for MO Group International.

Then, Eva served as an Event & Communication Manager for the European Football Tournament at European Parliament.

Later, she moved to Germany to work as a Logistics & Communication Assistant for Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin.

From October 2013 until January 2014, Eva worked as a Culture & Arts Translator for

Finally, she joined Culture Trip in London, United Kingdom and started working as a Culture Writer & Editor and eventually, she climbed up the corporate ladder to become VP Social.

Quitting her job for travelling-

Even though Eva had a well-paying job, she wasn’t at all happy with her life and corporate career and thanks to this, she developed some destructive behaviours.

Soon, she realised that she needs a sea change in her life.

In December 2017, Eva developed an intense feeling of quitting her job and realising her dream of travelling the world, meeting people and experiencing different cultures and she also wanted to document travel storytelling on YouTube.

Finally, she abandoned everything in her unhappy life and started afresh.

Eva ended her relationship (she was married at that time), quit her job and left her apartment in London and decided to become a full-time traveller.

During that time, she had savings for a year and a half and her plan B was to return to work if she couldn’t become a successful YouTuber.

Travelling the world-

After quitting her job, Eva purchased a second-hand camera and lens and booked a one-way ticket to Nepal.

At that time, she had no knowledge of filmmaking but thanks to tutorials on YouTube and with practice, she was able to learn it.

And from 4 April 2018, Eva started working on her eponymous YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel was originally started on 24 February 2013.

A solo traveller-

Eva always wanted to travel solo.

Also, she realised that she could become a successful vlogger by taking the road less travelled, that is, travelling solo to offbeat places.

So, Eva travelled alone to several remote places in countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Mongolia, China, India, etc.

Prior to travelling to all these places, she once travelled solo in the Trans-Siberian Express and she felt completely safe and happy travelling solo and this gave her the much needed confidence to later travel solo to many countries.

An interesting fact- Noraly (Itchy Boots), a popular female travel YouTuber also travelled in the Trans-Siberian Express.

As Eva started travelling, she started posting photos on her Instagram account everyday religiously.

Also, she started regularly interacting with other Instagram influencers and thanks to this, she gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

Later, someone created a short montage video of Eva and posted it on Facebook and this video garnered more than a million views within a week.

While living in Pakistan, she collaborated with an airline and made a Kiki Challenge video.

Eva did the Kiki Challenge in a mock grounded plane and this video became viral all over Pakistan and thanks to this, she was widely covered by the media and she also got a chance to appear on TV.

She gained many followers on social media and within a week, her number of YouTube subscribers soared to 100,000.

After living in Pakistan for a year, Eva continued travelling to other countries.

She travelled to Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Becoming successful-

As of March 2023, she has 1.63M subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel, 1.1M followers on Facebook page and 746K followers on Instagram.

Even though Eva travels alone, she has a small remote team to help her out with planning and editing.

She also has a website.

Eva earns from a variety of sources like advertisements on her YouTube channel, sponsorships, affiliate marketing and she also receives donations on Patreon.

On 31 March 2022, she started her second YouTube channel by the name Unplugged and she also has a newsletter.

Her gear-

Currently, Eva uses a Sony α7 III as her vlogging camera with Sony 16-35mm F4 lens and Sony ECM-B1M microphone.

She also uses a GoPro Hero 10 action camera and a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone.

Living in Land Rover Defender-

Eva bought a Land Rover Defender and converted this into a mini camper.

She nicknamed her vehicle Odyssey and lives and travels in it.

Eva doesn’t have a cameraman and she shoots herself with the help of a tripod and she also uses the ActiveTrack function of her DJI drone.

An interesting fact- Martijn Doolaard, a popular off-the-grid YouTuber lived in a Land Rover.

Personal life-

Eva was in a relationship with Mike Corey.

He is also a YouTuber and has a YouTube channel by name, Fearless & Far.

Some interesting facts about Eva zu Beck-

  • Eva is an environmentalist and loves the nature of Romania.
  • Her astrological sign is Taurus.
  • Eva’a favourite book is Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
  • When the space in her Defender isn’t enough for her to work, she rents Airbnbs, flats, guesthouses or lives with her friends.
  • Eva has a travel show on Euronews travel by name, Rerouted The Balkans.
  • She presented a TV series by the name A Place Called Pakistan on TRT World.
  • Eva delivered a TEDx Talk on 16 January 2019.
  • She is a vegetarian and a trail runner.

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