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Becky Evans

Becky Evans is a popular automotive YouTuber and presenter.

She has 150K subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel.


Becky Evans was born on 5 June 1992.

She hails from Coventry, England, United Kingdom.

Her father, Philip Evans too is a gearhead and he worked at Rolls-Royce, and he was also a chairman and delegate of several racing clubs and committees.

Her mother is also a car enthusiast.

Becky is the youngest of her three siblings and her brother David Evans is also a gearhead.

Growing up with cars-

Her father started drag racing at a young age and at a very young age, Becky used to accompany her father to his drag races.

Prior to drag racing, her father used to race bangers and stock cars.

Becky grew up in the Santa Pod Raceway in England watching drag races.

She also grew up watching American Graffiti and Christine and thanks to all these, she fell in love with cars at a young age.

Becky along with her father used to visit several race tracks to watch motor racing.

Also, car racing has been her family sport and it has been a generational thing and so, she and her brother developed a passion for it.

From go-karting to Junior Dragster-

At 8, Becky started go-karting and her father was very supportive of her.

She loved go-karting and also won a few novice trophies in go-karting (Check go-karts).

Unfortunately, Becky suffered a bad accident while go-karting and got injured.

So, she quit go-karting and at 11, she moved to Junior Dragster.

Later, Becky got involved with modified cars and started racing a dragster in the Santa Pod Raceway.

Much like her father, she too started modifying cars.


Becky intended to move from junior racing to senior racing but as senior track racing was very expensive, her father suggested she take a break from racing and complete her graduation.

So, she joined Oxford Brookes University to study for a three-year business and economics degree.

Later, Becky planned to move to America to do commercial property leasing but as she couldn’t get the visa, she moved to London at 23 and secured a job in a PR agency.

Even though she took a break from racing, her love for cars didn’t die.


At 18, Becky worked at a streetwear shop.

After graduating, she moved to London and secured a job in fashion PR.

Even though Becky hated her job at the PR agency, she loved the creativity that involved in doing brand activations.

While working here, she observed that while the circulation of publications was decreasing, the role of influencers was increasing and they were earning handsomely.

And Becky observed that there weren’t many female influencers in the automotive space.


At 18, Becky alias Queen B started posting photos of her visiting car shows onto her Instagram account.

Later, she started posting the photos of her Volkswagen Golf Mk4.

During that time, Becky was working in a streetwear shop and observed that people in the shop were shooting beautiful images and this motivated her to shoot pictures of herself and her car and post it on Instagram.

Starting her YouTube channel-

At 21, in 2014, Becky purchased her first classic car, a 1983 BMW E21 and she started posting this car on Instagram and during that time, she was growing organically on Instagram and this growth motivated her to start a YouTube channel.

She started her YouTube channel by the name, Becky Evans on 7 April 2016.

Sam of Seen Through Glass YouTube channel helped Becky start her YouTube channel and greatly inspired her to start working on YouTube.

As of December 2023, she has 150K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 315K followers on Instagram.

Becky also regularly appears in Top Gear videos, and she was also featured by Gassed Up of BBC Three and Goodwood Road & Racing.

In one of her videos, she stated that if she wouldn’t have become a YouTuber, she would have either worked in emergency services or in any other creative job.

TV shows-

Becky also worked with Red Bull TV and appeared in a couple of Drift Queen seasons.

She was a presenter in the Drift Queen TV show, Red Bull Soapbox and also in Drift Masters.

Her car collection-

Becky’s car collection includes a 1983 BMW E21, a 1988 Porsche 930 (Porsche 911 Turbo), Nissan S15, Mitsubishi Evolution VI, BMW M3 F80, BMW i4 M50, BMW M3 E92 and BMW M3.

Porsche 930 was the dream car of her childhood.

Becky’s first ever car was a three-door white Volkswagen Golf Mk4.

She modified this car to such an extent that it slowed down the car.

Becky also enjoys riding motorcycles.

Her favourite cars are BMW M3 Sport Evolution, Nissan Hakosuka Skyline, Chevrolet Nova, 1965 Ford Mustang, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F50.

Becky particularly likes German cars whereas her father loves American cars and her brother likes Japanese cars.

Personal life-

Becky is in a relationship with James Deane.

He is a professional drift driver and he is a former Formula Drift Champion.

James is also a YouTuber and has a channel by the name, James Deane.

Becky met him at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed while doing the Drift Queen show.

She loves Ireland and her dream is to have a house there and also a flat in London.

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