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Inspiring Biography of Adam Bobrow

Adam Bobrow is a table tennis commentator, player, and a popular YouTuber.

He has more than 1.2M subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

Adam was also an actor, voice actor and comedian.


Adam Michael Bobrow was born on 14 February in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California and grew up here.

His mother’s name is Susan Bobrow and his father’s name is Jerry Bobrow.

Adam has a brother, Jonathan Bobrow and a sister, Jennifer.


Adam did his schooling from Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California.

Then, he studied for a BA in Theatre from University of Southern California.

While studying here, Adam was a DJ for the student run radio station at the university and he also was the Head On-Air Personality for a couple of years.

He also founded a table tennis club and The Ping Pong Posse at University of Southern California and competed in the US Collegiate Nationals.

Love for table tennis-

At a young age, Adam started playing table tennis with his father.

He also grew up playing baseball, basketball and soccer but only table tennis stuck with him.

Initially, his father used to beat Adam at table tennis but by 15, he learnt various ball spinning tricks and learnt jumping, curving and kicking the ball and also started using professional equipment and thanks to this, he started beating his father.


While in high school, a kid introduced Adam to beatboxing and in his free time, he used to go to the bathroom to practise beatboxing.

He was also introduced to moonwalk in his school and he later mastered it.

A varied career-

Adam initially worked as a sign holder and this was his first job and here, his job involved holding signs and attracting the attention of people by playing Michael Jackson’s music and dancing.

Then, he started trying for acting jobs and initially, as he didn’t get regular acting gigs, he used to work as a waiter in restaurants.

Adam worked as an actor for many years and worked for numerous movies and TV shows namely, Ping Pong Playa, Barefoot, Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion, Ain’t That America, Alibi, Unsocial Network Sketch and An Excellent Choice.

As he was interested in voice, he also got into voiceover and spoke for Moviefone (an interactive telephone service by which people call to obtain movie and showtimes details).

Adam’s work got featured on news and thanks to his voice-over demo, he secured the work of a voice-over agent and he worked likewise for 13 years.

He also did the voice-over work for games like Final Fantasy XIII, Saints Row and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Thanks to his voiceover work, Adam secured the job of a Production Coordinator at Kabillion but he quit this job within a year.

During that time, he also worked for anime and did stand-up comedy for a while.

Working as a table tennis commentator & coach-

In January 2009, Adam started the website and from December 2012, he started playing as a Pro Ping Pong Player at SPiN Standard and later, he started playing for Andro.

From April 2014, he started working as a table tennis commentator at Total Sports Asia and International Table Tennis Federation.

Adam also worked as a commentator at the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

Thanks to his love for table tennis, he also worked as a table tennis coach for a while.

Becoming a YouTuber-

Even though Adam started his eponymous YouTube channel on 12 May 2006, he started focusing on it seriously only from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though he isn’t a professional table tennis player, he regularly posts table tennis videos onto his channel in order to entertain people and attract them towards the sport.

As of December 2023, Adam has 1.26M subscribers on his YouTube channel, 233K followers on Instagram and 208K followers on his Facebook page.

Apart from advertisements on his YouTube channel, he also earns through receiving sponsorships and selling merchandise.

In addition to his main channel, Adam also has a couple of other YouTube channels namely, Adam Bobrow Shorts and Adam Bobrow Connect.

He hasn’t revealed his net worth.

Currently, Adam doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Personal life-

Adam hasn’t revealed much of his personal life except that he had an ex-girlfriend.

He moved from the United States to live in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Some interesting facts about Adam Bobrow-

  • According to him, playing top spin against underspin is the hardest table tennis skill to master.
  • Mima Ito is Adam’s favourite table tennis player and Japan Open is his favourite tournament.
  • He uses the Treiber K blade with Rasanter R45 on both sides and he also uses Andro Rasanter V42 (Ultramax).
  • Adam loves watching a lot of documentaries and his favourite movies are Parasite and The Shawshank Redemption.
  • His shoe size is 11 (U.S.) and boggle is his favourite game.
  • Taipei City is Adam’s favourite place to live and he loves travelling and his favourite countries to which he travelled are India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Argentina. He also loves Latin America.
  • His favourite match that he commentated for was between Zhu Yuling and Liu Shiwen at 2017 Women’s World Cup in Canada.

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