Pritam Nagrale is one of the most successful bloggers of India and his blogging journey is very inspiring.


Pritam Nagrale is a professional blogger and currently resides in Mumbai.

He along with his wife runs a number of blogs.

Pritam Nagrale is earning handsomely of dollars through Google AdSense.

He brought a brand new BMW car in 2018, all thanks to blogging.

Pritam Nagrale is an engineering graduate who completed his degree in 2001.

Even though he did engineering from a reputable college, the college was unable to offer him a placement, so he came to Mumbai in search of a job.

Initially, for survival Pritam Nagrale used to do many small businesses, but out of curiosity he researched regularly about online earning and the scope of blogging at the nearby internet cafes.

He entered the online businesses when he read about them in a local newspaper.

Initially, Pritam Nagrale used to do affiliate marketing for eBay in which he used to promote their goods and earn money, later on he worked with numerous advertisers.

His first income was 400 dollars.

Then, Pritam Nagrale realised the power of the internet and realised that he can sell anything and everything through the internet by staying at home.

At his time, educated people had no idea about blogging or about online earning.

Learning blogging-

Pritam Nagrale got to know about blogging in the year 2008, and started his first blog in the year 2009 by the name

It was a technology blog.

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As he disliked technology, he couldn’t continue blogging on this topic and as a result he closed after operating it for six months.

And later started a blog on his area of interest.

Then, within two years he started earning five digit income from his blog.

Now, Pritam Nagrale earns 7 digit income, all thanks to blogging and AdSense.

He realised many of his dreams through blogging.

Pritam Nagrale runs two offices and owns a home in Mumbai.

He was the first among his friends circle to venture into online earning.

Pritam Nagrale says that he is successful because of support from his family.

He currently provides employment to many people.

Pritam Nagrale’s 2013 income from AdSense is around 20 lakhs; in 2012 itself he earned more than 35000 dollars.

Now, he became a millionaire by blogging.

Pritam Nagrale shares various interesting business ideas on his blogs like Sure job and

Additionally, he also trains on digital marketing through DMatic Digital institution.

Pritam Nagrale is very thankful to his profession; he says that these achievements would have not been possible if he settled in a job.

He provides motivation to the current generation by stating that if he can achieve this type of success, everyone can achieve them if they work smartly and consistently.

Pritam Nagrale concludes that the next revolution would be the digital revolution and there is unlimited scope in those fields.

According to him, this is the golden period to start a career in blogging.

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