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Inspiring Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo (Wiki)

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the world’s most favorite footballer.

Despite facing countless difficulties in his life, he became the one of the greatest footballers in the world.

Poverty, bullying, lack of good education and a serious heart disease couldn’t stop Cristiano Ronaldo from achieving greatness.

So read on to get inspired.


Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro (Cristiano Ronaldo) was born on 5 February 1985 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal into a very poor family.

The poverty made his life very hard.

His father, José used to work as a gardener and kit man in a football club on a very low pay.

His job as a kit man was to supply kits to football players and clean their rooms.


As José couldn’t achieve anything meaningful in his life, he was very guilty of himself and also, he was unable to properly feed his children because of the poverty.

All these worries made him an alcoholic but this couldn’t prevent him from taking good care of Ronaldo.

Later, José introduced his son to the football and since his childhood, he was more interested in playing football than in studying.

Ronaldo played football really well, since he was very passionate about the sport.

Making his own football-

José couldn’t afford his son a football due to poverty, so Ronaldo used to roll the old clothes into a ball and play football with it in the streets.

As he couldn’t afford proper shoes, he used to borrow old shoes from his relatives to play football.

Training hard since childhood-

Ronaldo used to train very hard since his childhood because he knew that a footballer must need good stamina because a football match requires a player to run at least 10 kilometers in a single match.

Sometimes, he used to train himself continuously from morning until evening.

He used to play with the players of a bigger age group to improve his play.

Ronaldo later joined the Andorinha football club, and here, his father worked as a kit man.

Facing humiliation-

There Ronaldo faced humiliation by his fellow players who used to tease him because his father was working there as a kit man, cleaning the rooms of players.

At the age of 10 years, his neighbourhood people started to consider him a good football player.

His name became synonymous with the football.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Sporting CP

Then, at 12 years of age he left his home and family to join a football club by the name Sporting CP, where he used to play football and study simultaneously.

There also Ronaldo faced humiliation by his fellow players, who used to taunt him for his way of speaking.

But Ronaldo decided to give them a befitting reply by his game.

Even teacher had no mercy-

When Ronaldo was of 14 years of age, his teacher humiliated him by bugging him of his family’s poverty.

Which made little Ronaldo furious, as a result he hurled a chair on that teacher.

After which Ronaldo was dismissed from school, due to this incident he lost interest in studies.

He explained this to his mother, who readily agreed to allow his son to play football, without going to school.

At the age of 15 years, the state recognised his talent.

Risking his life for his passion-

Unfortunately, at a small age Ronaldo developed a very serious heart condition by name tachycardia, in which the heart beat increases abnormally.

And the doctors suggested to him that he must abandon playing football, as it requires running, which exacerbates tachycardia.

The doctors warned him that if he continues to play football, he might face death due to heart failure.

Everyone thought that the football career of Ronaldo came to an end.

Fortunately, doctors presented him with a second option, which is heart surgery.

But the second option had a serious catch, that if the operation fails, he might die or if the operation succeeds, then also there was a little chance of him playing football.

A tough decision-

For Ronaldo’s family, the first option seemed to be apt, as in first option surgery is not required and he can live his life without playing football and without performing any strenuous activity.

His family members requested the doctors to consider the first option.

Cristiano Ronaldo chose football over his health

But the little Ronaldo, decided to take the biggest risk of his life, even not fearing death, that he would undergo surgery to realise his dream of playing football, even though when there was a little chance that after surgery he would be able to play football.

Ronaldo had a vision to become one of the greatest football players.

He talked about his decision with his parents and an open heart surgery was performed on him at the age of 15.

Luckily, he survived after the surgery and was recovering slowly.

Journeying towards his dream-

Ronaldo again started practicing football.
At just 17 years of age, he started playing for the Portugal team.

Eventually, his hard work made him the topmost football player in the world.

He attained a very great success because he risked his life at a very young age for his passion, football.

Now, his total remuneration is around $108 million.

Losing his father-

Unfortunately, Ronaldo’s father expired in the year 2005 due to liver failure as a consequence of alcohol abuse, at that time Ronaldo was 20 years old.

His family experienced even severe poverty, as their family’s sole bread earner died.

Afterwards, Ronaldo struggled even to purchase medicines and proper food.

This made his mother to work as a maid and cook in the neighbourhood houses.   

With her meagre income, she used to buy medicines for Ronaldo and food for her children.

Staying committed-

On the day of his father’s death, there was a match between Russia and Portugal.

Ronaldo played the match and won the man of the match award, withstanding the pain of losing his father.

He was very close to his father; they used to be like friends with each other.

The face of football-

Ronaldo is now the face of football sport.

With his amazing play, he garnered billions of fans all over the world.

He is one of the greatest football players in the world.

In a football match, no one can expect in the way Ronaldo makes goals, he possesses so many football skills, that his opponents cannot figure out how to stop Ronaldo from making a goal.

In the year 2003, the players of Manchester football club requested their manager to include Ronaldo in their team, after seeing his performance in a match.

So, the manager paid Ronaldo a huge sum to join Manchester United.

This deal made Ronaldo very famous and he became one of the most expensive players in the world.

Very talented-

Normal football players will use their single leg of their dominant side body, i.e.  players of right-handed or left-handed use their respective legs to score goals, but Ronaldo can easily use both of his legs efficiently to make goals.

He is also one of the fastest football players in football history.

Ronaldo can run very fast, he can run with a speed of 33.6 kilometers per hour. So, he is also known as rocket man.

Can beat a cheetah-

While jumping Ronaldo’s G-force is five times higher than that of a cheetah.

He can jump up to 78 cm in air; this jumping height is much more compared to any basketball player.

He can use his head to score goals very well. He had scored more than 100 goals with his head.

Ronaldo free kick speed is approximately 130 kilometers per hour.

Also, Ronaldo won many trophies and set many new records in his football career.

FIFA Ballon d’Or awards-

He won the most prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or award five times.

Ronaldo was chosen as the footballer of the year two times.

He also won European golden shoe award four times, which is a new record.

With his hard work and self-confidence he won so many awards, at such a young age.

Ronaldo is the captain of the Portugal football team. He gives equal opportunity to each and every team member to prove their worth.

He currently plays for Juventus Football Club.

Currently his net worth is around $500 million and this makes him one of the richest athletes.

In September 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo created a world record by scoring the most goals in international football.

His own brand-

Ronaldo also has his own perfume and shoes brand by name CR7, the 7 number depicts his jersey number.

Also he has the most number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

In Funchal, Madeira there is a museum by name CR7, which displays the trophies and achievements of Ronaldo.

He is the most favourite footballer of the current generation.

Very kind-hearted-

Ronaldo is also a very kind-hearted philanthropist, as he donates billions of dollars to poor and unprivileged people across the world.

Ronaldo treats his fans in a very courteous way.

Once, a person in the audience was injured in the face by the football kicked by Ronaldo.

So after completion of the match, Ronaldo apologised to that person personally and gave him his jersey.

He donates billions of dollars for charities.

Ronaldo donated huge sums of money to various hospitals, educational institutions, foundations like make a wish and save the children, children suffering in war-torn countries like Syria.

Ronaldo is the most charitable sports person in the world.

He frequently donates his blood and that’s why he is not tattooed.


An infographic on biography of Cristiano Ronaldo
An infographic on biography of Cristiano Ronaldo

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ronaldo’s motivation?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s intense passion towards playing football motivates him to give his best on the football ground. His undying passion towards football made him one of the most successful footballers of all time.

Who inspired Ronaldo?

Both his parents inspired him to play football. His father, José Dinis Aveiro introduced his son to football and inspired him to play. Also his mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro inspired him to give his best in football by supporting his decision to drop out of school and to focus solely on playing football.

How did Cristiano Ronaldo become successful?

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most successful footballer in the world. The main pillars behind his success are- hard work, talent, dedication, commitment, passion towards the sport, winning spirit, aiming to be the best, etc.

What disease does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Currently, he doesn’t suffer from any diseases. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with tachycardia but fortunately, he completely recovered from it after a surgery.

Where is Ronaldo originally from?

Cristiano Ronaldo hails from Funchal, Madeira, Portugal and he currently plays for Juventus F.C.

How is Ronaldo a leader?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good leader. By playing exceptionally well, he sets the example for the rest of his team and also as the captain of the Portugal football team, he gives equal opportunity to each and every team member to prove their worth.

Why is Ronaldo famous?

Cristiano Ronaldo is world famous for his exceptional football and goal scoring skills. He is considered as one of the world’s most famous footballers of all time.

What Cristiano Ronaldo said about Lionel Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo said that he has a good relationship with Lionel Messi.
Cristiano Ronaldo regretted not having dinner with him even though both of them shared the same stage for more than 15 years.

Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi friends?

Yes, both of them are friends.
You can see Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi together interacting as friends in many events.
Also, they have a good relationship.
Even on the football ground, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi exhibit sportsmanship and this is what made them the best football players.

Is Ronaldo a billionaire or millionaire?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not a billionaire but a millionaire because his net worth is around $500 million.
In order for him to become a billionaire, he should have a net worth of at least one billion.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo speak English?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo can speak fluent English because he spent many years in England, an English speaking country.

Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo Vieira friends?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo Vieira are friends and both of them played together.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo retired?

No, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t retired and has no plans for retiring yet.
Currently, he plays for Serie A club Juventus and Portugal national team.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo grow a beard?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo can grow a beard but he prefers to be clean-shaven.

Can Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. speak English?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. can speak English.
Apart from English, he can also speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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